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The Ultimate Moving Supply List Before Hiring A Moving Company in Vancouver


Moving requires resources – it is as simple as that. Even if you are a student with very little things, moving is likely to incur some expenses in terms of manpower, transportation, and packing supplies. Apart from this, if you are moving with a moving company, there are service charges as well. The goal is to minimize these costs and maximize the output. Moving supplies can be reused or bought second-hand to save costs. In large cities such as Vancouver where moving companies have a larger infrastructure and provide a better quality of services, most of them will use their own moving supplies.

Moving is a large industry in Canada. During the pandemic, Vancouver saw a rise of 10.5% in incoming domestic migrations. Needless to say, the moving supplies market is bustling. So, if you are planning a move to Vancouver or anywhere in Canada, hiring a moving company in Vancouver won’t be hard. However, you can save money by being educated about the expenses involved.

Moving supplies you’ll need – moving supplies checklist

Typically, there are some moving supplies that you absolutely need and some that you don’t. If you are moving with a professional moving company in Vancouver, you’ll perhaps need none of these. However, it is better to check the prices that the moving company is offering and compare them to the prices in the open market.

Essential moving supplies

Essential moving supplies include:

  • Assortment of boxes: You’ll need boxes of different sizes to fulfill your requirements. These cube or cuboid-shaped boxes are available together as a package on various marketplaces such as Amazon. This one, for example, offers a pack of 15 boxes of small and medium dimensions. While moving, you’ll absolutely need these kinds of boxes.
Assortment of boxes
  • Heavy-duty dish boxes: These boxes have a thick layer of padding on the inside to prevent fragile items stored inside them from breaking. If you have expensive china or glassware, purchase a few of these as well.
  • Packing paper: You can wrap these around fragile and expensive items to prevent them from any sort of damage.
Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap: They hold the same use case as packing paper but are typically used for electronic appliances.
  • Moving tape and dispenser: An absolute essential when it comes to moving supplies, make sure that you can ample amount of packing tape before you start packing.
Moving tape and dispenser
  • Mattress bags: Mattress bags act as a cover for your mattresses because they can get dirty inside the moving van or truck. Buy some of your own or ask your moving company if they provide them.
  • Garbage bags: Garbage bags are ideal for storing loose items and daily-wear clothes. They are cheap and can be reused multiple times.
Garbage bags
  • Gloves and markers: Make sure that you have a pair of gloves to keep your hand clean and safe while packing. Also, permanent markers are a must for labeling boxes and bags.
  • Scissors: Used for cutting and opening boxes while unpacking.

Non-Essential moving supplies (extra supplies that can help you)

These moving supplies may or may not be of use to you. Some of the entries on this list will make things easier for you but you can make do without them as well.

  • Tapeless moving boxes: Ideal for moving items over a short distance. They remove the need of using tapes to seal the boxes and hence save your money and cost.
Tapeless moving boxes
  • Wardrobe moving boxes: These tall boxes are used to store and move expensive clothes such as party dresses and formal suits. You may or not need them based on your requirements.
  • TV cover: As the name suggests, TV covers are used to protect your television from getting damaged during transit. Alternatively, you can use bubble wrap.
TV cover
  • Towels: Instead of buying packing paper or bubble wrap, you can wrap fragile items in towels or linens.
  • Labels and sticky notes: You can use these to quickly label your boxes and bags.
Labels and sticky notes

Furniture moving supplies

There are some specific supplies that can be used to pack your furniture and save them from chipping or scratching during the move. Some of these include bubble wraps, rubber corner covers, sliders, furniture blankets, tie-downs, and ropes. The moving company will also provide these to make furniture moving quicker and more efficient.

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies

Supplies like floor disinfectants, cleaning sprays, brooms, mops, dusters, squeegees, etc. are essential as well. Once you move into your new house, you’ll need to clean it before you unpack your things. Also, moving out of a rented space requires you to hand over the property in a good condition. You can also hire a cleaning company to do the job for you. This option is, of course, expensive. If you are dealing with a small apartment, it is better to do the cleaning yourself. 

Packing your belongings

After you have all the moving supplies with you, it is time to start packing your belongings. Ensure that you:

Keep track of your expensive items

Keep track of your expensive items

It is wise to make an inventory of everything you own and keep a track of your valuable belongings. Make a checklist and tick them off as you pack them. You can use the same list while unpacking as well. If you are moving with movers and packers, this inventory would come in handy again.

Establish a packing area

Use a clear space in your house to pack everything. Avoid clutter at all costs because it will end up in a lot of mismanagement on moving day. The movers and packers would also want a clear working space when they arrive.

Take pictures

Take pictures

Before you put an item in a box, take its picture so that you can keep a track of its condition. If the movers and packers damage your belongings, you can question them about it later.

Use appropriate packing supplies

Use appropriate packing supplies

There are so many different types of boxes and packing supplies available – and this is for a reason. Every storage supply comes with a use case and it is better to stick to it. This will ensure that everything goes smoothly during the move. Fortunately, moving companies in Canada, especially in large cities like Vancouver, provide a good quality packing and unpacking service.

What to move first

The best moving companies in Vancouver would tell you to load the largest items first. Loading follows the basic principle of stacking. The larger items go below the smaller items. This ensures that the space inside the moving truck is utilized properly.