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Moving Out for The First Time: Everything You Need to Know While Hiring Moving Company in Vancouver


Moving in itself is a stressful time in your life and it can be worse the first time around. It comes with a lot of responsibilities and it can spoil your entire schedule. Moving requires proper planning and if you haven’t done it before, it can get pretty messy. Relocating to or from a major urban area such as Vancouver can further worsen the situation. Big cities like Vancouver offer a lot of options with everything and packers and movers are no exception. Although having some variety to choose from, when it comes to house movers, is good, it can become confusing for an amateur. 

So, before you go ahead and begin your search for some of the best packing and moving company in Vancouver, make sure you keep the following in mind:

Know Your Budget

Know Your Budget

Relocating is a costly affair – the price that the packers and movers will charge you is just a portion of all the expenses. Petty expenses during a move add up to deal a big hit on your savings. Keep this in mind and be careful with your spending when you are planning to move. It is always a good idea to chart down how much you can spend and how much extra you can go. It is also good to keep a track of where your money is going or where it would go.

  • Secure a stable income
  • Before you plan to move out of your parents’ house or your rented apartment into a better and more independent space, ensure that you have a plan B. Having some savings is super important. Secure a steady revenue stream before you plan to move somewhere else.

    Once you know your budget and have some money saved up, you can move on to the next step of figuring out how to spend it.

    Know Your Requirements

    Know Your Requirements

    After your budget, comes the process of making an inventory and charting down all that needs to be relocated to the new place. It is a good idea to discard useless items and expired products that you have hoarded through the years. A detailed inventory might seem to be time-consuming but it can actually help you save time. Knowing what your relocating requirements make it easier for you to explain them to the moving services company. It also helps the movers to figure out what kinds of packing materials you’ll need and how much manpower you’d require. Also, it can help you with:

    • Discarding useless items and selling them online can help you earn a few extra bucks.
    • Organizing a garage sale.
    • Saving money on packing items and storage spaces.
    • Make sure that everything is moved properly and in the right condition to the new house.

    Looking For A House

    Looking for a house

    Searching for real estate in a city like Vancouver is just like moving – stressful and expensive. For newbies, it can be a horrible experience if not done right. Look for a trustworthy real estate agent or a broker (if you are renting) first. This is important because there are a lot of mistrust issues in real estate. Vancouver is around 9.87% higher than Toronto when it comes to renting a house. Other expenses are almost similar with Vancouver also being a little cheaper when it comes to food and drinks. Packers and movers in Vancouver as well as in Toronto, Ottawa, and other major Canadian cities charge the same price standard.

  • A nice neighborhood is important
  • When you look for a new house, it is not only the interiors that you care for. The society in which you live and the kind of amenities available in the vicinity are very important as well. Areas such as the West End, Kitsilano, South Vancouver, West Point Grey, Grandview, and Mount Pleasant can be explored for some good properties.

    Packers and Movers in Vancouver – Things To Look Out For

    Packers and movers in Vancouver – things to look out for

    After all these things, it is time to choose a moving services company that can help you relocate to your new house. There are certain things that are a must to go through before you do so. Here they are:

  • Experience and quality of service
  • The house movers that you choose must be experienced and provide a good quality of service. The best way to find this out is to ask people that you know – people who have used the moving services to relocate. Another way is to hop onto Google and look for reviews. Online reviews are honest and give a fair idea of what you’re dealing with.

  • Explore multiple options
  • Don’t go for the first moving services company that you cross paths with. Do your research, compare pricing, read online reviews, talk to companies, and then make a decision. Therefore, it is good to begin looking for house movers as early as possible. You can keep your house hunting going alongside this pursuit. 

  • Pricing and estimates
  • The cheapest option is not always the best. Once you have multiple options to choose from, it is about selecting the one which is transparent and honest in its estimates. Be open and request a quotation as per your requirements. Make sure that you ask a lot of questions about any hidden taxes or duties.

    Prepare Yourself For The Big Day

    Prepare yourself for the big day

    We always say that your sanity and good mental health is the best thing that you can have. Peace of mind is important in anyone’s life. Do not let this relocating and house hunting get to your mind. It is always okay to take a break from everything and delay things if they get overwhelming. Seek out support from your loved ones if you are feeling down or stressed because of all this. You can also seek professional help if required.

    The big day – moving day – is just like another day in your life. Keep your preparations going steadily and at a calm pace. When you feel like you are ready to move on to the next chapter of your life – a brand new house – you can call your house movers and set up a date. There is a first time for everything and we wish you a happy move!