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Best moving company in Vancouver for hassle-free moving

One of Canada's most wealthy economies is Vancouver, which serves as its commercial center. The city has a highly diverse economy and is one of Canada's main industrial hubs. Canada's largest port, located in Vancouver, moves $200 million worth of cargo per day. According to InterVISTAS, the port generates $7 billion in earnings from 115,000 supply chain employees across Canada, making it the region's top exporter.

Biotechnology, alternative energy, and software development are just a few of the additional businesses that call Vancouver home. With 350 employees working in research and technology, QLT Inc. is a multinational biopharmaceutical firm with its headquarters in Vancouver. Over 1,000 people work for MDA (MacDonald, Dettwiler, and Associates), which specializes in satellite and information systems technologies.

House and office relocation have become relatively routine processes as a result of continued recruiting within the companies. Whether it is a local or interstate move, CBD Movers Canada has always been honest to help. It’s our unfailing endeavour to provide the best residential, commercial, house & furniture moving services in Vancouver. The icing on the cake is our lowest moving rates in the region. Our promise to beat every written moving quote by 10% which makes our moving services the affordable in Vancouver.


With CBD Movers Canada, you are sure to enjoy a happy and peaceful move that is far from all challenges and worries of relocation. We are top-rated for both commercial and residential relocation for local and long-distance moves. Get in touch with us for time-bound, safe, well-planned and professionally executed moving services in Vancouver. Call us for a personalized, no-obligation moving quote.


Your one-stop destination for moving to Vancouver is CBD Movers

Why should your residential move give you unending anxiety and stress? Since it shouldn't, we advise hiring CBD Movers to handle every aspect of your move, providing a seamless transition from point A to point B. A group of skilled and knowledgeable movers known as Shuttle Moving has been offering Vancouver residents home moving services for many years. The most effective and simple residential transfer is guaranteed thanks to our experts' intimate knowledge of the city!

Recognizing that every move is unique, we at CBD Movers were able to identify a market need and design residential moving services that can be tailored to every relocation, giving you options that will only be advantageous to you and your move as a whole. We've made sure you may adjust your experience according to the size of the project.

Our team of specialized experts, who are recognized as trustworthy and reputable residential movers in Vancouver, will without a doubt simplify your relocation project. If you're looking for a company to handle your full move, from beginning to end, CBD Movers can do it effectively. We'll ensure that all of your goods are treated with the utmost care before, after, and while in transit because we are experts in packing furniture and delicate objects.

Our staff will carefully and strategically load your belongings onto our cutting-edge moving trucks once they are ready for transport, unload them, and arrange them in your home as you desire. If necessary, we can also help you disassemble and reassemble your furniture and equipment. Additional residential moving services provided by CBD Movers include storage and supplies for shipping.


For a seamless move, we'll combine top-notch moving services with expert movers.

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Well Equipped Professional
Movers in Vancouver

We are a well equipped residential and commercial moving company in Vancouver. The most professional and industrious men at job aided by modern moving methods and gear, no move is difficult or tricky for us. We have a large fleet of removal vans. Each vehicle is fitted with the required gear to ensure smooth transit of belongings. We are aware of the nuances of the area and hold the necessary licenses and permits to undertake local and national removals.


Moving Services in Vancouver

If you're moving to or from Vancouver or anywhere else in Canada, CBD Movers is the best option because they understand the value of experience. We show the utmost respect for your furniture, gadgets, and other belongings. Taking pleasure in the tranquility that comes from working with true pros is the best option for packers and movers in Vancouver who understand that experience does matter. There are several services in which we are quite skilled and can help you relocate with ease.

At CBD Movers, we cater to the diverse needs of clients. Our moving services in Vancouver help you move established office set-ups without significant loss in working hours. Likewise, our services are thoroughly planned and executed for the quickest movers. As comprehensive packers and movers in Vancouver, our services are end-to-end and therefore address the entire spectrum of moving requirements.

As a noted house and furniture moving company in Vancouver, we are experienced and equipped to take on proficient furniture movers over short and long distances.

On the day of your move, you might save time and money thanks to our cutting-edge methods.

Professional moving services in Vancouver that are reasonably priced

The organization in Vancouver that can meet your needs for moving and storage, CBD Movers is the business to contact if you're seeking trustworthy and qualified moving services in Vancouver. Long-distance movers in Vancouver aim to give each customer individualized, detail-oriented moving help. You can reach wide beaches, mountains, and marshes within a short drive wherever you live in Vancouver. Moving and storage in Vancouver offer a variety of commercial moving services, including international removals, storage solutions, and relocation guidance. Our Vancouver packers and movers can assist you with packaging sensitive items, packing your whole home, loading, unloading, and setting up your appliances.

Our moving help in Vancouver can assist you in locating moving items such as furniture pads, bubble wrap, boxes of various sizes, and packing tape. Additionally, we may arrange to transport a huge fleet of vehicles to your location. No moving, packing, or storage issue is too big or small for our moving agents since they offer personalized solutions. For a free estimate, call right away. See what we can do to make your move to Vancouver as simple as we can. A national brand with more than 15 years of experience in the moving business supports CBD Movers. From basic furniture and equipment transportation to providing comprehensive moving services, which consist of furniture assembly, packing, and maintenance hookups at the new location, our licensed and bonded agents work with residential and business clients. Our representatives will work with local movers and storage companies to tailor your service, whether you're moving inside Vancouver or from another country.

Vancouver's Top Recommended Movers

Look no further if you require moving and storage services. One of the best moving companies in Vancouver and the GTA is CBD Movers. From consultation to packing, crating, shipping, and post-shipment services, we offer a full-service cycle.

Our skilled and knowledgeable personnel will guarantee that everything is done correctly from beginning to end. We are adept in managing a variety of commodities and committed to assuring their security at every turn. We use the appropriate crates, packaging supplies, and trucks or vans for the operation. Do some of your items need to be stored? No issue; we can also assist with it.

In our cutting-edge storage facility, which has climate control to prevent damage, your valuables will be protected. We'll keep your stuff secure until you need them again. Depending on the size of their homes, we offer our clients a range of price alternatives. We'll suggest partial and full-service moving options that are affordable, save you time, and are priced at two men and a truck or less. The best movers close to you are CBD Movers.


Your entire transfer will be stress- and hassle-free thanks to us. For more than 15 years, we have offered moving services in Vancouver, and we still place a high priority on pleasing our clients. Furthermore, our extensive selection of packing materials and moving services guarantees that we can complete any task, no matter how difficult it may be.

No matter the scale, you may relax and count on us to complete the task competently. Therefore, CBD Movers has everything to offer if you're seeking the greatest "Movers Near Me" in Vancouver. Contact us to arrange your upcoming move.

This is the course our business will take, no matter how difficult or impossible a task you give us. This objective will serve as our road map as we show you why choosing us for your move is not just the greatest option, but also your only one. Get a reputable service by getting in touch with our moving business right away.

Our area of expertise is moving! We fully commit to making every transfer we undertake a stress-free and enjoyable experience thanks to our full-service movers

With Our Complete Moving Services in Vancouver, You Can Put Your Feet Up and Relax.

For more than ten years, CBD Movers has offered the best corporate relocation services in the entire Vancouver area. We pledge to make every step simple. Whether there are a few employees moving or thousands, CBD Movers offers specialized solutions. We take pleasure in performing office moves on time and within budget, and we have the resources and personnel to handle any office move, no matter the size or location. We offer a full range of moving, commercial moving, and storage services, from the moment you call us with your list of inquiries for an initial quotation until the moment your business is operating normally at its new site.

We place high importance on facilitating any relocation to a new location. You won't have to deal with the difficulty of working with several providers to accomplish your move because we are a one-stop-shop. We have created a special moving procedure that caters to the particular requirements of each relocation. CBD Movers is there for you every step of the way to take care of your moving needs, from the day you decide to relocate until the day your move is over! Our mission statement also serves as a continual reminder of our goals as we strive to show off the exceptional moving experience that makes us one of the best moving companies in Vancouver.

This is the course our business will take, no matter how difficult or impossible a task you give us. This objective will serve as our road map as we show you why choosing us for your move is not just the greatest option, but also your only one. Get a reputable service by getting in touch with our moving business right away.




Through our website, you may get a free removal estimate



We'll give you a call back to set up a meeting at a time that works for you.



Our knowledgeable staff will evaluate your demands and offer you free estimates.



Your furniture and belongings will be packed by us in preparation for relocating.



Our fleet of all-size vans and vehicles is available around-the-clock to relocate your possessions promptly.



We'll deliver your priceless possessions to your new address.


Why Should You Use Our Vancouver Moving Assistance?

We are aware that being a skilled mover is not everything, and we also recognize that clients sometimes want to interact with real people rather than machines. For this reason, we exclusively work with courteous, warm movers in Vancouver. Our team is made up of incredibly talented individuals who are also wonderful people. You'll see that everyone on our staff is happy.

Regarding our professionalism, this translates into high-quality products and services. Finally, we handle everything with great caution to avoid causing harm. Above all, we respect the value of your time and will never take longer than is necessary. Fast and effective CBD Movers guarantee only successful and seamless transfers.

You'll feel as though you're working with friends the moment you first communicate with us. You will feel at ease and assured while we pack, disassemble, and reassemble your furniture, load your possessions into the truck, and organize everything in your new house. You ought to be, too. During your move, your possessions and you are in capable hands.


Everything is familiar to our movers

We've handled everything, from modest residential relocations to major office moves. Your shift will go smoothly thanks to the experience and knowledge of our local movers in Vancouver. Since we are aware that no two movements are alike, we give each one the particular consideration it requires. We have a ton of experience moving anything, from Hollywood movie equipment to art galleries and libraries.
We have no trouble carrying a grand piano, hoisting objects over balconies, or navigating narrow staircases. You may be sure that they are well protected with us because we have handled and observed a wide variety of fragile products.

We regard individuals and their houses

All facets and phases of your transfer will reflect our respect. Our company's motto is to be as respectful and helpful as we can be, from our courteous agents to the movers who will take care of your home and possessions. Everything is done to make sure you enjoy yourself and stay in touch with CBD Movers.

Your possessions are handled with additional care by us

We handle your possessions with the same degree of care that we do our own. We cover your flooring right away once you welcome us into your residence. To prevent damage during loading, unloading, or transit, we completely cover your furniture in the thickest quilted moving blankets available through our packing services in Vancouver. We also provide additional TV and mattress protection options.

Our business offers a range of services

We are aware of how time-consuming and difficult it is to find packers, movers, storage, and moving supplies. Because of this, we provide you with everything under one roof. You can get everything directly from our moving company, including boxes, wrapping paper, mattress bags, and TV bags. There's no need to drive from store to store for hours looking for the best moving supplies. Our packing services include high-quality packing materials for the efficient movement of your belongings. You can dial this number and get access to the moving help in Vancouver you need for packing.

Our Costs Are Reasonably Low

Our costs are open and reasonable. Respecting your budget is a component of showing respect. There are absolutely no additional fees. The cost of our moving, packing, and storage services will be made clear to you upfront. In addition, you will probably quickly learn that we are one of Vancouver's most reasonably priced moving firms. All of this without even the slightest quality compromise.

We Are Trusted & Budget-Friendly Moving Company In Vancouver

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We Love Our Clients And They Love Us

Our move was two rooms of one house to a unit . Short distance; Wollert to reservoir Good points; friendly movers . On time . Lent me tools to help fix my washing machine- thank you...


“I must be honest that i was very skeptical moving from Kingsland to Onehunga using CBD as the movers, as both me and my wife have seen some really bad reviews online...”


“I was moved from a second storey two bedroom apartment so it was not an easy task.Although the distance was not quite a long one it was through densely populated areas...”

-Richard A

Frequently Asked Questions

Once, an email confirmation will be issued when your move is scheduled. A copy of the contract as well as packing advice will be emailed to you. Read the details carefully. Ensure the dates are accurate by checking the moving from and moving to addresses. If there is a mistake in the documentation, get in touch with the moving company right away.

The busiest times for moving firms are typically throughout the summer months, May-September. You need to begin planning early if you are thinking about moving during that time. Because Friday and Saturday are popular moving days, it can be simpler to find a date during the week than on the weekend.

If you’re looking for Montreal’s best residential & commercial movers, make sure they’re timely, reliable and reliable Vancouver, make sure they are timely, reliable, and trustworthy. Confirm that if they provide essential moving services such as a user-friendly website, work transparency, high-quality solutions and services, accurate and fair quotes, reliable customer testimonials, well-equipped vehicle fleet, latest equipment, skilled workers, completely insured and licensed, goods storage facilities.

A visual assessment of your home by an estimator is required if you want a written estimate. A written estimate is provided, along with a price range that is not to be exceeded. You will be charged for the movie on the day of the screening, with the estimate serving as your cap. Unless you change something (i.e., the estimator didn’t realize there were stairs at the unload, you said certain goods weren’t moving but changed your mind on moving day, the elevator broke down, etc.), you will be charged for using the stairs because it takes longer.

CBD Movers in Vancouver offers both a local and long-distance moving services. our extensive network of packing and moving professionals operate 7 days a week at your convenient time.

You have two options which are either cash or credit card or certified cheque. Make sure all your moving charges are paid up before unloading your shipment at your new location.

Opting a cost-effective Packers & Movers company in Vancouver doesn’t mean you should choose the cheapest price movers company. Better to find out and select the most suitable packers & movers company according to your budget to provide the most efficient packaging and moving solution anywhere in and around Vancouver.

At CBD Movers we are a fully insured and licensed moving services company in Vancouver. We offer free basic insurance cover for the goods of the customers. For extended protection of our customers’ belongings, we can also offer them extra moving insurance options to buy.

To supervise the loading of your furniture, make sure you are present. Do not go away! Examine the inventory to see how the mover described your furniture (initial items that are chipped, marred, dented, scratched, etc.). If you disagree with the mover’s description, make sure the conditions of the items are noted on BOTH the driver’s copy and your copy of the inventory sheet, with the driver’s copy being more crucial.

Whether an estimate is non-binding or binding will rely on that. A mover is not compelled to offer a shipper an estimate. However, if a shipper calls it an “estimate” and requests an estimate over the phone or online, the mover must provide it in writing. A non-binding or binding estimate may be given by the mover, and it must be made clear on the estimate itself which type it is.