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The largest and most well-known airport in Canada, Pearson International Airport, is located in Mississauga and has access to seven major freeways. As the nearest suburb to Toronto, Mississauga attracts wealthy immigrants from all over the world.

Jobs and business possibilities are available in Mississauga in several important industries, including biomedical/pharmaceutical, FIRE, consumer products, information technology, automotive, aerospace, finance & telecommunication.

The University of Toronto Mississauga, one of Canada's top universities, is located in the city. A premier educational hub has been created in Mississauga City Centre thanks to the addition of Sheridan College. Mississauga is home to more than 55,000 enterprises, 400,000+ workers, 1,300+ global corporations, and 61 Fortune 500 Canadian head offices.

The third-biggest FIRE (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate) cluster in North America and one of the largest globally is located in Mississauga. With the lowest crime rates in all of Ontario, Mississauga is also one of the safest places to live in. With all these attractions many people consecutively plan to move to this city, which provides us an opportunity to assist people in moving and settling at their new adobe.


Get Benefit by Our Moving Services in Mississauga

Canada's Favorite Movers is used by everyone, and you will quickly realize why. We provide an all-inclusive moving service and bill by the hour. All-inclusive refers to the labor, truck, travel time, supplies, etc. used by the movers. You won't be hit with any unexpected expenditures or hidden fees during the moving procedure.

A team of professional movers in Mississauga from CBD Movers will show up at your door on the day and time of your scheduled move, cheery and prepared to rock it. They'll be fully equipped with everything you need to complete a successful move when they arrive. You know that we go above and beyond to preserve your items in your new home since we took that much care to protect the floors in what will soon be your old ones.

We take great satisfaction in providing excellent customer service; therefore, we make sure to offer free, no-obligation quotes with no additional fees. There is no need to be concerned if your schedule changes for reasons beyond your control because we offer our services around the clock, you can depend on us to work around your schedule. They cover your floors with a protection runner as soon as you invite them inside. To ensure that you receive the greatest service possible on the market, all of our services are also provided by uniform, trained staff that are frequently updated on new and improved techniques.

We provide all the packaging supplies for our packing services so you don't have to! We want to relieve you of all the moving-related stress so you can look forward to the next chapter of your life.


If you're seeking moving services in Mississauga, please get in touch with us. We are setting new standards to provide an unforgettable moving experience.

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Every item of furniture will be carefully wrapped in special blankets, fastened with special tape, and loaded into the vehicle. Nothing is inserted at random! To ensure that everything is safely stacked, we compute where each item should be placed. After we are done loading, we drive to your new house and unload the truck's contents there. We need to know where to put the furniture, and if you need any assistance reassembling anything, just let us know.

If you'd like, we can also aid you with packing everything. Just let us know when you make a reservation. When the truck departs from our office, we begin keeping track of the billing hours and stop when it returns.


Most Trustworthy Residential Movers in Mississauga

By providing all of our clients in Canada with dependable, quick, secure, and effective moving services, CBD Movers takes the bother out of moving. We have assisted individuals, professionals, couples, families, and businesses of all sizes in moving out of Canada over the past 15 years by providing delivery options that best suit their needs and budget. Now you may join them.

As Mississauga's top movers, we make relocating easier by managing everything from packing your belongings to helping with insurance and paperwork, making the process less stressful for you. CBD Movers has a long history of offering local home and commercial clients competitively priced and excellent removalist services.

No matter how big or little the work, we always strive to go above and beyond for our clients. It entails providing precise prices, not charging unexpected or unforeseen expenses, having all of our staff act courteously, and providing regular assistance for your smooth moving process.

A free online quotation is the closest thing to your simplest action. Contact us now and our best movers and packers in Mississauga will provide you with the most affordable quote.

Mississauga's Most Reliable Movers and Packers

In contrast to other moving companies. From the minute you get in touch with us until you are comfortable with your relocation, we work to make your moving day a breeze. Our devoted commercial movers in Mississauga will be in constant communication with you to make sure that your relocation goes smoothly at every stage. They are available to assist with any inquiries or special requests. To help you save time and money, our personnel will always be hospitable, competent, uniform, and as effective as they can be. We are consistently chosen as one of the best moving companies in Mississauga, and these are just a few of the reasons why. Experience CBD Movers for your next move when you make a reservation with us.

To give customers who desire a stress-free move the best service possible, our amazing moving crew takes great pride in doing so. Contact us right away if you have any inquiries or worries about working with the knowledgeable team of movers at CBD Movers!


We are experts in all kinds of residential and office moving, but we specialize in every kind of relocation. In Mississauga, CBD Movers is a one-stop shop for all your moving and storage needs, including moving services, packing supplies, and storage options.

We continue to put customer satisfaction as our top priority since we are pleased with our customers’ experiences with our service.

See how our affordable movers in Mississauga can assist in getting the moving done with ease.

If you're looking for Mississauga's top movers, CBD Movers is your one-stop shop. Moving need not be an unpleasant or stressful experience. Our objective is to offer the best moving and packing services we can. Our skilled and efficient Mississauga movers and packers do each assignment with the utmost attention to detail. Our helpful staff goes above and above to make sure your move is as quick, easy, and reasonably priced as possible.

Not only are we increasing the bar for Mississauga moving companies, but we are also creating a new benchmark for all movers who are qualified professionals in the field. For all of your packing, moving, and storage needs, give us a call now and experience the CBD Movers difference. Every time you move with us, you can count on receiving top-notch customer care with affordable movers in Mississauga.

Your pleasure will always be one of our top goals, and we are aware that it requires carrying out a stress-free and perfect transfer. No matter how high your expectations are, we probably have even higher ones, so you can be sure that working with us will give you the ideal moving experience. More than just movers, we can help you relocate to Mississauga!




Through our website, you may get a free moving estimate.



We'll give you a call back to set up a meeting at a time that works for you.



Our knowledgeable staff will evaluate your demands and offer you free estimates.



Your furniture and belongings will be packed by us in preparation for relocating.



Our fleet of all-size vans and vehicles is available around-the-clock to relocate your possessions promptly.



We'll deliver your priceless possessions to your new address.

For your moving, packing, and storage requirements, CBD Movers is a good choice for several reasons.

One of Canada's most affordable moving companies in Mississauga for skilled packing and moving services, CBD Movers handles local, national, and international moves of all sizes. It is supported by the trust of our clients and advocates across Canada and has a solid foundation of extensive experience, complete dependability, competent and cautious staff, and affordable prices. Packing and moving is secure and easy. Our unrivaled expertise, attention to detail, and integrity have enabled us to offer our clients services that are unsurpassed. Internal warehouse for quick transit. Our specialization is on-time delivery.

To keep all of your goods safe and secure, a large fleet of specialized trucks is used.



For the past 15 years, we have been doing business in the area. That much development and experience in a year. Our clients adore our approach to the work, which is polite and effective, and value our composure. Every step of the way, we work to exceed the expectations of our clients and give them a stress-free moving experience.


After thousands of successful movements, we are aware of the signs that indicate a smooth shift. With all the details concerning that can occasionally appear overwhelming, we assist our clients. We take every measure to ensure that your assets are brought to you in the same condition as when you left them, from packaging to delivery. You can rely on our staff to handle your belongings with the same degree of care as if they were their priceless items while being packed, moved, and unpacked.

Professional Movers

Dealing with our small movers in Mississauga will be a pleasure from the moment you contact us to the completion of your move.

Clients can communicate all of their needs through a single point of contact. The mover will organize everything to provide a smooth transfer and will be intimately familiar with all vehicle and removalist operations. It is the most effective technique to that you are aware of the status of your transfer at all times.

Being adaptable and economical

Fill out our inventory form to request a completely itemized quote, and we'll send one to you as soon as we can. Since we rely on good word of mouth and repeat business to keep our firm growing, you'll find us to be fiercely competitive. Ask for a quote after filling in all the necessary information. You'll be astounded by our affordable prices!


According to the humongous positive reviews and comments, which we aced with flying colors, we are among the most reliable and secure service providers.


We are the definition of dependability. Our customers give us their most valuable goods so they can relax and let us manage the rest.

We Are Trusted & Budget-Friendly Moving Company In Mississauga

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We Love Our Clients And They Love Us

Our move was two rooms of one house to a unit . Short distance; Wollert to reservoir Good points; friendly movers . On time . Lent me tools to help fix my washing machine- thank you...


“I must be honest that i was very skeptical moving from Kingsland to Onehunga using CBD as the movers, as both me and my wife have seen some really bad reviews online...”


“I was moved from a second storey two bedroom apartment so it was not an easy task.Although the distance was not quite a long one it was through densely populated areas...”

-Richard A

Frequently Asked Questions

The costs will either be per hour or distance on a hundred-weight basis depending on whether the move is local or long distance.

Yes, move estimates are cost-free, and the client does not have to accept the price. Additionally, you may book your local or long-distance moves and check prices.

We, as the service provider, will relocate the client on the days set forth by the client and the moving business. It is safe to prepare for a significant event like this one in your life. If necessary, we may be able to move you to the same day.

Six weeks before your move date, you should begin making moving plans. A moving company search should be started eight weeks before the move. You can browse and get in touch with various moving companies in this manner without feeling pressed.

Your plants are sensitive beings. They could be impacted by the pressure of the move and the weather. Not every moving company will be accountable for preserving the welfare of plants. To prevent any damage, we advise you to transport your plants to your car.

During your transfer, there are several things you should transport yourself. A few of these are:

  • Plants
  • Jewelry
  • Old Family Relics
  • Antiques

You should let your moving expert know right once if your move date changes.

On the day of the move, your pets could grow anxious. Throughout the day, the house’s doors will also be opened and shut numerous times. On the day of the move, we advise you to locate them a place to stay.

Start planning your move eight weeks before the date you want to move. When scheduling your estimates, try to leave as much space between them and the day you want to relocate as you can if this is not possible. Please give yourself more time if your employer requires you to submit estimates for approval. Choose the movers you’ll work with at least 4 weeks before the relocation date, then give them a call to confirm your reservation and arrange the dates for packing, loading, and delivery. If you move during the off-peak season, which is from September 15 to May 15, you can reduce this time frame.

Appliances like washers, dryers, and refrigerators need to be unplugged, and a stabilizer needs to be inserted in the washer. Once more, your estimator can assist you in understanding how these components are maintained. Every local moving company has business ties to nearby service providers who offer this kind of service. You will need to permit these people into your home to perform the service, so make sure you are aware of who your mover will be utilizing.