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The Best Cities to Live in Ontario for You and Your Family


Ontario allows for some of the best quality of living in Canada. With cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Waterloo, the state can boast of a certain level of job opportunities and educational institutions. The state has more than a few options for families to settle in and thrive. Ontario recorded a 12% rise in the number of house sales over the five-year average. The demand for living in the state has been higher than ever and we are here to explore the best cities to move to in Ontario.

When we speak about how ‘liveable’ a city is for families, things like availability of schools, accessibility to markets, affordability, and job opportunities, all come into play. Movers in Toronto suggest that families are looking for better living standards nowadays. They also prefer to live in quiet cities with easy access to amenities. Toronto has lost many residents to other cities in Ontario for this reason.


The capital city of Ontario, Toronto is one of the most sought-after cities for young families and job seekers. Costs of living are 29% higher than the national average in Toronto. However, the city provides more opportunities to make up for its expensive living. The city might be the industrial and financial capital but does not lag far behind in terms of culture and arts. It is the center of Canada’s film and television industry. Toronto’s economy is diverse, having lots of banks and brokerage firms.

Toronto also reports the lowest crime rates of any major city in the entirety of North America. Although movers in Toronto report a higher number of outbound moves, demands in real estate and rented spaces are at an all-time high.


Ottawa offers similar living standards to Toronto but is comparatively cheaper. Rent prices are higher in Toronto by 33% when compared to Ottawa. Other things like real estate, public travel, as well as education are also cheaper in Ottawa. Ottawa is one of the most affordable cities in Canada for people who want to get an ‘urban’ vibe at a more affordable cost of living. Packers and movers in Ottawa and Toronto both report more expensive moving charges though. Ottawa has one of them, if not the best quality of education in Canada. The city has the most educated people in Canada and houses some of the best schools, colleges, and universities in North America including Carleton University and the University of Ottawa.


Waterloo is known for its extremely high rates of employment and high median income. The city has offices of renowned companies such as BlackBerry, Google, and Dalsa. Due to its close proximity to the city of Kitchener, the two are often called twin cities. Both cities together offer a multitude of jobs as well as educational opportunities to their citizens. Data from moving companies in Toronto report that the demand for real estate has increased exponentially after the pandemic. Waterloo has a decent educational foundation as well with universities like the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University calling the city home.

  • Waterloo and Kitchener are fairly cheaper than Toronto or Ottawa.
  • The economy is solid and diverse and is immune to downfalls.
  • Moving services report more inbound moves than outbound in Waterloo suggesting a high rate of demand.


Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Vaughan is naturally a hotspot for job seekers and young families looking for greener pastures. Due to its proximity to the capital, Vaughan has a relatively high rate of living but not as much as Ottawa or Toronto. Vaughan employs the third-largest number of people in the Greater Toronto region and moving services and logistics movers report a high number of inbound migrants across the year. Other than that, Vaughan also has a great amateur sports scene and excels in soccer and hockey. The city’s quality of education is decent and its closeness to Toronto is a big plus point for higher education. 


Located on the opposite side of the Greater Toronto area than Vaughan, Burlington is similar in terms of demographics and economy to the latter. Burlington is a notch above Vaughan when it comes to primary as well as secondary education. The city also has a deeply rooted cultural and arts scene. Excluding rent, Burlington can sustain a family of four for an amount of around 4,357.34C$. Burlington’s economy is diverse and its closeness to southern Ontario (Canada’s largest consumer market) does it a lot of favors. Burlington is deemed to be an up-and-coming name in media and journalism as well.


Oakville is one of the most affordable cities in Ontario on this list. Small in size and having a lower population than most entries here, Oakville is ideal for retirees as well as families looking for some peace and quiet. It is a perfect trade-off for professionals who want to move away from the hectic urban lifestyle as well. With companies such as Ford and Siemens, it is truly the ‘Canadian Dream’. Sports also has a decent presence in Oakville. It is worth mentioning that although Oakville is cheaper in most areas, rent is a little higher than in cities such as Burlington.

Halton Hills

Also located in the Greater Toronto Area, Halton Hills is a serene and small place for families to enjoy. Notable features include:

  • Lots of primary schools allow parents several options to choose from.
  • Located in the Greater Toronto area provides job opportunities and easy accessibility.
  • Halton Hills also employs locals at its limestone quarries.
  • Halton Hills has many small rural hamlets and settlements spread across the town.

It comes as no surprise then that Halton Hills ranks pretty high amongst the affordable cities in Ontario. Its small size and good quality of education are a perfect fit for families.


Moving companies in Toronto area and the demand for their moving services offer a deeper view into how the trends are going. Places like Ottawa and Waterloo-Kitchener often have lots of jobs and hence, rates of inbound movements are higher. The most affordable cities in Ontario are not necessarily the cheapest – per capita income and living expenses both help in calculating the overall affordability of a city.