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How Early You Should Hire Packers and Movers in Canada?


The availability of packers and movers is the biggest factor in answering the old age question of when you should begin your pursuit. Just like any industry, the packing and moving industry also works on demand and supply. Major cities such as Vancouver and Toronto always report high demand. Naturally, you’ll come across more moving services in these cities.

Moving prices also depend on this factor. The higher the demand, the more the price. Movers in Toronto, for example, have an average cost of around $750 for a one-bedroom apartment. Prices vary during seasons and during the time of the month as well. Busy seasons include summers and the end of the months are usually busier for the moving services companies. Movers in Toronto report higher demands during the holidays as well. However, if you are moving to one of the affordable cities in Canada, pricing may not be such a big issue for you.

Therefore, it is paramount that one understands how early they should start looking for a packing and moving company before the supply runs out or they start facing extremely high prices. Finally, the distance of the move also plays a role. Let us take these situations one by one and find out how soon you should start looking for packers and movers in Canada.

Moving during the summers within the same city

As aforementioned, the busiest time for movers in Canada or any other place where the weather is predominantly cold is the summer. Therefore, it becomes super important that you begin your search ideally around 2 months before the moving date. This also means that you should have a set moving date in your mind. This is also advantageous because you can start planning the other aspects of the move such as reporting address changes, informing your work, or transferring utilities.

Even in the worst-case scenario, you should begin this search pursuit around a month before the moving date. Later than this, it’ll be really hard to find good packers and movers, especially in busy places such as Toronto. The best packing and moving companies are already booked for the summers around 2-3 months in advance. To have the upper hand, make sure that you are quick on your feet if you are planning a move during the warm months. The prices also get quite high as you delay the search.

Moving during the cold months within the same city

On the contrary, finding a moving services company during the fall and during the winter is much simpler and less stressful. Anywhere between two to four weeks’ notice in advance will do. It is worth noting though, that the good companies are still quite high in demand around the year. Therefore, if you have a moving date in mind, it is better to book the company as soon as possible. Also, pricing during the cold months is comparatively lower than that during the summers.

Intercity movers during the summers

There are comparatively fewer packing and moving companies available for intercity moves. Intercity moves imply that the relocation takes place within the same state but between two different cities. During the summers, booking a moving company anywhere between 10 to 14 weeks before the moving date will work in your favor. Intercity moves are also more expensive than intrastate due to the larger distance.

Intercity movers during fall and the winters

Four to eight weeks in advance is enough to find good packing and moving companies in Canada. This goes for moves that are scheduled to happen during the cold months, from August to March. The pricing also goes down by quite a margin, especially in December and January.

It is noteworthy that moving during the holidays can be expensive though. Although many people don’t move around Christmas because of the festivals, there are always staff shortages during this period. Prices may be affected by this factor. Also, families tend to move during the holiday season. Therefore, the beginning of January and the end of November may report some high numbers in terms of demand.

Interstate moving during the on-season

Summers and interstate moving are one of the most expensive duo in the industry in Canada. People have time off during the weekends when they can schedule their moves. Therefore, prices are at an all-time high during the weekends in the months of April to July. Also, there is a lot of planning that has to be done in order to pull off a successful interstate move. Due to the large distance, you may require temporary storage facilities as well. Therefore, booking good packers and movers during this time requires a heads up around 3 months before the move. Even then it might be hard to find a decent moving services company. Make sure that you book an interstate packing and moving company as soon as possible.

Interstate moves in the cold months

A 2 months notice in advance is enough to find a good moving services company in Canada. Prices are decent as well and even some of the major places can be counted as affordable cities to move to and from. Interstate moving companies, although less in number, are more qualified to do a good job.

International moves to and from Canada

All of the factors discussed above are amplified to a large degree in the case of international moves. Packers and movers offering international services are quite a few. Also, there will be logistics companies and freight forwarders involved in the move as well. Don’t worry! The moving company will arrange that. However, you need to inform them at least 6 months before you plan to move. This makes sense since you will also have a lot on your plate. Stuff like arranging a visa and preparing all the documents demands your time and energy. To make sure that you move efficiently across the seas, have packers and movers booked as soon as you can!

Finally, it is worth mentioning that international moves to bordering countries such as the USA are much simpler than, say, moving to China or Turkey.

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