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Smooth Moving With Kids: 7 Tips To Minimize Stress And Maximize Fun

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If you have children in your home, moving house with them is going to be very complicated and overwhelming. It is as emotionally straining for them as it is for you. In fact, they get impacted by all of these changes more than adults do. We have our mechanisms to deal with the changes that we are going through. 

  • But what about our children? 
  • Have we paid attention to how they are going to cope with this big transition? 
  • What happens when their school, friends, neighbours, bedrooms, and environment, and everything else changes? 

They are going to be stressed. You will also end up having a difficult time dealing with your emotions and managing theirs as well. But there is something that you can do to prevent all of that from happening. The following section talks about a few ways to make sure that you can move house with minimum stress and maximum fun. Let’s help you prep your kids for the change:

1. Have An Honest Conversation With Them

The most effective way to get your children on board is to have a conversation with them. Start doing this at least 3 months before you choose a moving company. You need to get your children psychologically prepared for the transition that is going to happen. If the moving services provider enters your house unannounced or without your children knowing what is happening, it is going to send a wave of panic among them.

They are going to get nervous and overwhelmed pretty quickly. So it is better to sit them down, give them the reason why you are moving, and talk to them about the various positive changes that are going to happen once you move to the new location.

2. Involve Your Children In The Move

Involving your children in the move is a very intelligent thing to do. The first step is going to be introducing them to the new school and community through the internet or pictures and videos. This will get them warmed up to the thought of moving out of the old house and into the new one. You can also get them excited about packing their own boxes and color-coding them before they are transferred onto the moving vehicle. It is a good idea to go out shopping with them for various packing materials such as:

  • Wrapping paper 
  • Packing tape 
  • Moving boxes and containers 
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Packing peanuts 
  • Padding material 
  • Permanent markers 
  • Flexible nylon ropes 
  • Moving straps 
  • Moving Dollies 
  • Planks 
  • Crates 
  • Safety equipment 
  • Safety wear 
  • Minor repair and fixing tools

3. Get Them Out For A Drive

Taking them out for a drive doesn’t mean going out for a picnic. This is a great excuse to introduce them to the new house and the new neighbourhood. If your new house is in the same city, it is not going to take you more than a few hours to do the whole thing. Just drive them to the new location and introduce them to your new neighbours. This will help them get connected with the new place very easily.

Becoming acquainted with the new area is going to help them get used to it faster than you think. While you are at it, it is again a good idea to let them have a look at their school and set up a meeting with their potential classmates as well. For this, you will have to get in touch with their parents first. You can always ask for help from a few neighbours or community members.

4. Talk To Your Neighbours

Yes, talking to your present neighbours is going to help you a lot. You have finalized everything right from packers and movers to the moving vehicle. You have also decided on the date. But if you still find it difficult to convince your children of this move, it is better to let somebody from outside your house take this responsibility. Your neighbours or perhaps your friends might be able to talk them into it. It happens with children when they do not understand the perspective of their parents. This is when third-party intervention and in this case your neighbours or friends can prove to be highly helpful.

5. Talk To Other Parents Who Have Moved House

If you know any families who have shifted house in the past, it is better to connect with them and ask them to encourage your children for this move. Your local movers are also going to suggest the same thing. You can also connect with your moving company and ask them to connect you with a family just like yours who has gone through a similar experience in the past. After having a conversation with such families, it will become easier for you to motivate your children to become a part of this transition.

6. Train Them In Packing Boxes

Now, this is a fun way of encouraging your children to participate in the move. Of course, the moving company is going to pack all your belongings but when you are looking to normalise things with your children and give a positive outlook to this change, this could come in handy. They would get excited about packing their own moving boxes and then labelling them with their favourite markers.

You can also set up a play date with their friends and let them have at it with a few padding supplies such as cotton balls, foam peanuts, and bubble wrap. This will chase out all the awkwardness from them. It also will lighten up their mood tremendously and reduce the overall stress of moving for everybody.

7. Let Them Be With Their Thoughts

It is also advised to let your children be with their thoughts for a while. Learn how to do this before you involve any moving services providers in the process. They need time to manage their feelings about this massive change that is about to happen. You will notice that they come around in no time.

In the end, it is all about how you condition your children. If you want them to be more mature or perhaps understand the situation better, you have to put forth a great example that they would be willing to follow. It is essential for you to exercise sound judgement and always be emotionally strong.

This encourages your children to emulate your behaviour. This is where your house move becomes smoother and easier for everybody. This will be one of your biggest wins.