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Finding The Best Moving Companies In Toronto – 8 Tips And Tricks

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When you have your first chat with a moving services provider in Toronto, you get to know almost instantly whether this company is going to stick around or not. It is their conduct and the way they talk about their services that tell you whether they are dependable and efficient or not. In addition to this, a lot of other things are going to point you to the best packers and movers in Toronto. For this, you will have to read this blog till the last word. Do not get distracted. Do not try to skim over the subheadings because you have some very useful and effective tips and tricks coming along. Let’s find you the best moving company for your needs right now.

1. Talk To Them Before Hiring Them

It is essential for you to have a conversation with the local movers that you are looking to choose for your move. Just chatting with them through an app or on their website is not going to be enough. If you can give them a call and talk to them about their services and their availability, nothing is going to give you more clarity as to whether you should choose them or not.

Give them a complete description of your cargo and also make them note down all the heavy pieces of office equipment or other machinery that you might want to transport. They will be able to give you a quote almost instantly based on your description. And of course, the way they welcome your queries and try to resolve your doubts says a lot about their conduct and professionalism.

2.Go Through Their Online Reputation

Before you choose any movers and packers in Toronto, make sure to go through their business profiles on Google and their social media channels as well. This search must include their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles in particular. Go through all the reviews and testimonials that have been submitted by their previous customers over the last 6 months. Make sure that they are a mixed lot and not 100% positive.

The latter is a clear sign that the reviews have been paid for and are not genuine. Remember, any moving services in Toronto will always have some dissatisfied clients as well. But you need to focus on both and preferably on getting in touch with the ones that have had a good experience with the company.

3.Talk To Them About The Services You Need

While you are having a conversation with the packers and movers, talk to them about your specific needs. For example, you might want your plants to be moved at an earlier date. Another instance could be that you are looking to transport your pets to the new house along with your children so that neither of them gets anxious. So yes, the type of moving services you need will determine the category and type of packing supplies you are going to require as well. In addition to this, it will also dictate the type of moving equipment that the movers are supposed to bring into your house to make the move possible.

4.Get A Copy Of Their Certifications And Licenses

You can ask the packers and movers to send you a copy of their certificate or licenses and permits. If you want to be absolutely sure that they are proficient in what they claim to do, it is better to go through their certifications before you choose them for the job. This proves that they are a legal entity and authorized to function as a packing and moving company in Toronto. It also gives you a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind that your belongings are going to be safe with them.

5.Get A Complete Breakdown Of The Fees

Transparency in the cost that you have to pay for the packing and moving service is crucial. You should be able to get a complete cost breakdown according to the number of services that you have opted for. For example, there could be a different package for plant removal which might be different with every moving company in the city. Similarly, some packing and moving companies would require the assistance of external personnel specialized in moving heavy and bulky equipment. This might lead to an increase in the overall cost which you should be aware of before you choose their services. So remember to ask for a complete cost breakdown for better clarity and budget management.

6.Visit The Office Directly

The one thing that is going to clear out all your doubts and questions is visiting the movers and packers in Toronto in their office. This way you become certain that they are an actual legal entity. You can also get in touch with the concerned person and understand the packing and moving process right from the horse’s mouth. Needless to say, it becomes easier for you to get access to their certifications and accreditations as well while you are in their office. You can also have a better look at the various responsibilities and tasks that their personnel are assigned and how they go about carrying out those functions in person.

7.Always Compare Moving Estimates

Remember never to neglect this little task. It is always advised to perform a comparison of at least 4 or 5 packers and movers in Toronto. You will have to compare the services they day offer and at what price those services are available. Understand the difference in the quality that they provide and the degree of flexibility they exhibit when it comes to matching your availability and schedule.

8.Will They Be Bringing In The Packing Supplies?

This is also a question you should ask. Usually, they would advise you to stick to the original moving plan and not worry about the packing supplies at all. However, if you want to choose packing supplies on your own, they could guide you in the right direction. Packing supplies are usually included in the final cost or estimate that you get.

In the end, it is necessary to remember that the best moving companies in Toronto are always going to function as your best buddies. They are going to be with you throughout the packing and moving process. This will also help you test their availability and bandwidth which is further going to reaffirm whether you should go with their services or not. Happy moving.