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DIY vs. Professional Movers: Which is Best for Your Vancouver Move?

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You might be slightly confused at the moment. Given that this is your first move, you don’t know whether you should do it yourself or choose a moving and storage company in Vancouver. It is quite natural for any homeowner or family. There are a lot of things that are going in your head right now. While you know that you will enjoy shopping for various packing materials, creating moving boxes, and stacking them neatly in the moving vehicle, you are not so certain about the lifting bit. Yes, that requires a lot of muscle power and you’re considering hiring a professional for the process. Is there a way to achieve some sort of balance between the two? Could you perform a hybrid move? 

Well, that’s a topic of discussion for another time. Right now, we are going to discuss whether you should go for a DIY move or choose a furniture movers company in Vancouver. The following section is going to talk about a few advantages/merits of both these options. Take your pick wisely.

Let’s Talk About A Few Advantages Of Moving Your House On Your Own First

1. Cost Savings

If you have performed a house move before, you know exactly where to source your packing materials from. You know the process. It becomes easier for you to recall all the stuff that you did during your previous move and it also allows you to save a lot of money. You will be able to arrange for the right vehicle and also organize a garage sale more efficiently. You will be saving time and money.

2. Flexibility

Because it is you who is performing the entire move, you have everything at your fingertips. It is easier for you to prepone or postpone the move as per your office deadlines, availability, or monthly budget. So there is no fixed timeline that you have to abide by. It all depends upon your comfort.

3. More Control

Needless to say, you also have a lot of control over the entire process. Nobody is going to come into your house and tell you what to do. What packing supplies you choose and what moving equipment you invest in, among many other decisions are all going to be your call. Whether you choose a large vehicle or a small vehicle is going to be your choice. Right from choosing the day of the move to the time window in which you want to travel to your new property, it is going to be your decision.

4. Sense Of Achievement

Of course, once you are done with all of this and without any help from any packers and movers in Vancouver, you are bound to feel excited. You have a sense of accomplishment and you want to tell everyone about it. Your neighbors, friends, colleagues, and everyone in your extended family is going to feel proud of you.

Now Let’s Talk About A Few Advantages Of Hiring A Moving Company In Vancouver

1. Highly Affordable

Contrary to popular belief, working with a highly reputable and well-recommended furniture movers company in Vancouver can prove to be very affordable. If you choose them at least 3 months in advance, it could get you seasonal discounts and special offers as well.

They are also going to give you a complete breakdown of the cost of their services. This lets you understand what exactly you will be getting and at what price. You can combine a few services and probably leave a few if you don’t want them. This turns out to be even more cost-effective and you are going to appreciate this a lot.

2. No Risk Of Damage

You might end up damaging your aquarium or antique decor pieces if you choose to transport them to your new house all by yourself. Unless you have a lot of experience moving them, it is not a good idea to try to do that on your own. But there is very little or probably no risk of damage to your electronics or expensive belongings if you are working with a moving and storage company in Vancouver.

They are professional at what they do and they make sure to use the most suitable moving equipment and apply the most relevant packing and moving techniques to transport your belongings to your new house safely.

3. Vast Experience

This brings us to a very important aspect which is the vast experience of the furniture movers in Vancouver. You will find numerous companies in the city that have years and years of experience packing and moving all kinds of houses, apartments, residential complexes, and commercial undertakings as well. Some of them even specialize in residential/commercial moves. So you have a sense of satisfaction that your belongings are in skilled and experienced hands.

4. Specialized Equipment

Yes, we did mention specialized equipment. It includes ramps, planks, dollies, straps, small lifting forks, trollies, and much more. Apart from this, there is padding material as well that you will get with these moving companies. This is used to protect your expensive furniture items so that when they are moved out of your property, they remain safe and nothing gets scratched, bumped, or damaged on the way out.

5. Packing Supplies For Free

Usually, several packing and moving companies in Vancouver come with their own packing supplies. The cost of these packing supplies is included in the entire package so that you don’t have to spend any extra amount on these at all. The professionals always carry surplus with them so that they don’t run out of any wrapping paper, boxes, bubble wraps, or foam peanuts at the last moment.

6. No More Stress

This is a very obvious benefit of choosing a professional mover in the city. You don’t have to deal with finding cardboard boxes or old containers. You do not have to go out shopping for packing material. It is not required of you to look for the right moving equipment or rent a moving vehicle for 2 days. All of these things are being done for you and at a very affordable price. There is no stress of dealing with any of that stuff in your life. You are sorted. Now that is a strong argument that is definitely going to tip you in the favor of a professional packing and moving company. Wouldn’t you agree?

Now the ball is in your court. It is entirely your decision whether you want to pack and move to your new house on your own or should you continue your search for the best moving company in Vancouver. Choose an option that is practical, affordable, and saves you a lot of time as well. Happy moving!