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A Comprehensive Moving Checklist for Homes and Apartments

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When you compare how the packing and moving process of an apartment unfolds as compared to that of a regular row house, you will find a tremendous amount of difference. The first thing that you will notice is the sophistication of gadgets and home appliances that are being used in that apartment. 

If you visit a modern city home, on the other hand, the number of such appliances might increase drastically. Whereas if you look inside a contemporary suburban household, those items will be very few in number. This raises concerns primarily for the moving companies in Vancouver BC because the quality and quantity of packing material required to pack and store those delicate and intricate items change significantly.

Even the processes that are employed to convey these items into moving boxes and containers and then eventually to the moving vehicle are completely different. So yes, depending on the kind of home that you have, your possessions are going to differ and so is the packing and moving procedure followed by the moving company in Vancouver. The following section comprises a comprehensive, detailed, universal, and easy-to-follow moving checklist that you should be aware of before you start moving house:

1. Donate Your Clothing Away

Your moving and storage Vancouver professional is going to suggest that you get rid of all your unwanted clothing before you start packing your stuff. According to many studies, the majority of households in the country have to deal with a significant amount of wardrobe load/waste every year. It increases exponentially as they move into a new house. If you look at the spending habits of a regular household in the city, you will discover that we do spend a lot on clothes and end up with items that we do not even need in the first place. It is better to donate a major chunk of those items. You can also decide to sell a few items, especially the ones that are branded and come with a huge price tag.

2. Return All The Borrowed Items

Whether it is a small home or a city apartment, there are always going to be several items in your house that you have borrowed either from your best friends or neighbors. Just go through your closet and also your kitchen cabinet to find all those items before you start moving your house. Choose to return them to their rightful owners before you start segregating all your belongings to put them into moving boxes. This is going to lighten up your burden significantly.

3. Sort Out Your Kitchen First

Now what are all the kitchen items that you must take care of right away?

  • Expensive cutlery 
  • Delicate china items 
  • Food processors 
  • Mixer and grinder 
  • Hand blender 
  • Your beautiful coffee machine 
  • The coffee beater 
  • Cake batter mixer 
  • Microwave oven grill 
  • The barbeque skewers 
  • Your precious non-stick fry pan 
  • The all-purpose steam cooker 
  • The professional-grade chef knife set that you bought last month

Clearly, the items that you can put on this list are never going to end. Your kitchen is one of the most complex places in your house that you should sort out right in the beginning. It is also the same space that you need to unpack the first thing you move into your new house. It is better to choose packers and movers in Vancouver BC that are more than equipped and skilled to perform this move. They should be able to wrap up your kitchen in record time and set it up in your new house even before your first night over there.

4. Separate Your Bathroom Belongings

Apart from the kitchen another room that you are going to need almost immediately or just moments after you have moved into your new apartment is your bathroom. You will have to take care of the basic necessities such as:

  • Hand wash
  • Face wash
  • Sanitizers
  • Paper napkins
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Shampoos
  • Baby care kit
  • Baby wipes and other baby hygiene items

So yes, your moving checklist is going to be incomplete without having made space in it for your bathroom necessities.

5. Empty Your Junk Drawers

Do not forget to empty your junk drawers. Yes, these are the drawers and cabinets that you have hardly opened throughout the years that you have lived in your house. These drawers collect a lot of items such as:

  • Used batteries
  • Old yet important documents
  • Stray tools
  • Broken jewelry pieces
  • Tiny perfume bottles
  • Aftershave 
  • Body lotions
  • Essential oils
  • Fashion accessories
  • Keys
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Old medication
  • Cough syrup

So these are the most common items found in these drawers. They are not necessarily junk but yes, it is very difficult for you to categorize them and put them in different boxes. So remember to create a separate box or container for all these items and label it correctly.

6. Create A Box For Unwanted Items

Now this is also important. It helps you declutter your apartment easily. It could contain all the furniture pieces and also wardrobe items and apparel that you do not need anymore. It could also have your old gadgets or perhaps some tiny pieces of equipment, tools, and machinery that you do not need in your new house. You can either put them up for sale or just donate them to the nearest charity organization. If you have any literary material or perhaps some books that you want to donate, your nearest library will be happy to accept them from you.

7. Do Not Pay For Moving Boxes

Every item that you have ordered must have come in a delivery box. Go through your old stuff and all the junk that you have collected in your garage and attic. You are bound to find some old boxes that can be reused. This is going to save you a lot of time and money.

8. Compare Moving Prices

Now this is very important. It is essential for you to go through several furniture moving companies in Vancouver BC. That is how you are able to make a choice. You will have to draw comparisons between their prices, the fee structure, the number of services they offer, and their availability. Other than this, also remember that they should come up with their own moving vehicle and not outsource the transport process to another company.

So there you go. This encompasses a lot of items and several tiny nuances that any household owner should take care of if he wants to move house successfully and without sustaining any damage to his expensive belongings. Make sure to give yourself enough time. When you have time on your side, you can ensure that each one of the tips given above is followed. Happy moving!