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6 Essential Tips For Packing And Organizing Your Belongings For A Long-Distance Move In Toronto

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Long-distance moves can be very intimidating and if you have done this before, you are already aware of this little fact. There is a lot that you have to prepare for when you are traveling or moving from one city to another. The cost of an intercity move is almost double or at times more than double the cost of an intracity move. There is also an increased risk of damage to your belongings while they are in transit.

So unless you have chosen the best furniture movers in Toronto, you cannot have the peace of mind you are looking for. In the following section, we have discussed a few very intelligent ways of packing and organizing your belongings. Go through them so that you can prevent them from getting damaged over a long-distance move. These will be relevant to you whether you choose to work with any moving companies in Toronto or not. Let’s begin:

1. Get The Most Relevant Packing Supplies

This is the golden rule of long-distance moves. Remember, you will have to invest in more durable and dependable packing supplies for your house moves. Your packing supplies list should include:

● Durable moving boxes made of solid cardboard 
● Airtight containers that can contain perishable items as well 
● Thick and stretchable packing/plastic wrap 
● At least two rolls of super spongy bubble wrap 
● Solid industrial-grade packing tape 
● Permanent markers 
● Wide and thick labels for all your boxes 
● Paper towels and tissues 
● Old newspapers and bed sheets
● A pair of solid scissors 
● A long nylon rope to tie up all your boxes and containers 
● Moving straps to lift your heavy moving boxes

In the end, it is very important to remember that long-distance moves can be a little riskier than short-distance moves because of unexpected road conditions. So make sure to invest in well-padded and weatherproof boxes and containers if possible. And remember to buy separate wrapping material for your beddings and mattresses.

2. Do Away With House Clutter

It is not going to be practical to organize a garage sale at the last moment. So it is advised to sort through your stuff and separate all the items that you want to get rid of sooner. Give yourself at least 2 months so that if you come across an item that you may have forgotten earlier, you can always put it up for sale later. There will also be a few furniture pieces (that you might discover during the two months of usage) to be unfit for your new house.

So yes, it will help you lighten up your burden which again plays out very well in your favor. The moving vehicle size is going to shrink considerably if you are able to discard all the furniture pieces that are not fit to be reused in your new property.

3. Book The Moving Services Early

Long distance movers in Toronto get booked very fast. There are several homeowners like you who are very diligent with their choices and believe in doing extensive research as well. So if you do not act quickly, the best furniture movers in the city might get taken away.

So it is better to give yourself at least one or two weeks to do proper research. Remember to book the packers and movers 3 months in advance. This is going to give you enough time to carry out all your packing responsibilities and also organize a successful garage sale as mentioned above.

4. Invest In The Right Equipment

It will be useful for you if you invest in a few pieces of moving equipment for your house. It proves to be very practical whether you are working with any moving companies in Toronto or not. The idea is to help you settle into your new house easily. There will always be a few furniture pieces and several boxes and containers that you will have to move from one room to the other long after the movers have left.

These moving tools and equipment are going to help you do that easily. You can obviously pack them after you have used them and put them in your store room, garage, or attic once you’re done.

5. Always Choose Boxes Of The Right Size

This is one of the most underestimated packing and organizing tips that you will ever find. It is not a good idea to choose a huge box for tiny items. This will only necessitate you to fill the empty space in the box with extra padding material. What does that do? It eats up all of the padding material that could have gone to protect your expensive electronic items and jewelry pieces elsewhere.

Also, a few tiny objects that can find a spot in your carry bag would occupy a huge box for no reason. So remember to assess your luggage before you start buying moving boxes. Measure all your electronic items and home office equipment as well before you buy boxes. Choose containers according to the size and dimensions of your belongings and do not deviate from them at all.

6. Typing And Labeling Your Moving Boxes

This is a great idea and it allows you to pack and organize your belongings very easily. You must make sure that the box or container is filled with enough padding material to give it more stability. The items inside will be safer that way and any kind of jerks or bumps on the way are not going to hurt them.

Also, tape them up really nicely so that the box does not come undone. Make sure to create a long and detailed label to be pasted on the outside of the box. List down all the items that you have stored in the box so that you can decide which containers to open first and which can wait. Also, remember to draw an arrow sign on the box that indicates which side is the bottom and which side the lid opens up.

Remember, if you feel lost or if you think that you are clueless, do not hesitate to refer to this blog again. You might have chosen the best packers and movers in Toronto but when you need clarity of thought, this blog is going to help. When you want inspiration and want to go over the right order of things to do when creating moving boxes and organizing your entire cargo, just go through this blog once again. Happy moving!