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Top Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Mississauga


Over the years, Mississauga has experienced substantial expansion, rising to become the second and third-most populous city in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area, respectively. According to the movers in Mississauga, the city has long been a favorite with Ontarians due to its closeness to Toronto and the fact that it is home to the largest international airport, Toronto Pearson.

With its spacious homes and more moderate prices, Mississauga real estate may provide families with the perfect place to raise children. We compiled the top 8 family-friendly neighborhoods in Mississauga along with their typical property prices for coming future years, taking into account accessibility to transportation, schools, safety, and a feeling of community.

The following list is arranged as per the cost of living in Mississauga from the most inexpensive to the least affordable neighborhoods based on the cost of a typical property and ranges from $825,208 to $1,783,209.

1. Erindale


East of the Credit River Valley, in the tranquil neighborhood of Erindale, are both Sheridan Park Public School and the campus of the University of Toronto Mississauga. The lush region provides a lot of green space for families who might like to have a picnic in the 222-acre Erindale Park.

Families with young children seeking a little more space will find detached homes in this neighborhood. As per moving companies, such homes are often cheaper and have greater square footage.

2. Streetsville

Streets ville

Older, lovely houses and small businesses, like the well-known Murphy’s Ice Cream Parlor, along Main Street in Streetsville. Streetsville, often known as “The Village in the City,” has a strong feeling of community and frequently hosts events in the Village Square, like the summertime Bread and Honey Festival.

Streetsville provides a choice of residences for different family kinds, from condos to century-old two-story treasures. Vista Heights Public School and Streetsville GO Station are two more local amenities.

3. Clarkson

Clark son

As per the observation of best movers in Mississauga, with recent changes to the neighborhood’s retail and dining sector, Clarkson is becoming a well-liked area. Jack Darling Memorial Park, a major park on Lake Ontario, is also located there. Smaller families who want space to raise children and the ability to travel into the city through the Clarkson GO Station may find that the home costs in this neighborhood are reasonable.

A growing neighborhood is Clarkson. There are numerous magnificent residences in the area, particularly in the Rattray Marsh neighborhood, which has opulent homes on big lots. But certain pockets are more reasonably priced. You will appreciate the community’s many advantages wherever you dwell. The Clarkson Village Shopping Centre’s stores and services, as well as restaurants like Capra’s Kitchen run by renowned chef Massimo Capra, are examples of this.

There are, of course, more reasons to like this Mississauga treasure. They have magnificent green space and excellent schools (including Catholic options like St. Christopher) (think Rattray Marsh, with its magical forested trails). Even while you might not often feel the need to leave Clarkson, getting about is simple thanks to the neighborhood GO Station and short commutes to Oakville (to the west) and Toronto (to the east).

4. Central Erin Mills Entrance

Central Erin Mills Entrance

John Fraser Secondary School, which offers AP (advanced placement) programs and safe residences with lots of curb appeal, is one of the top-rated schools in Erin Mills. The Erin Meadows Community Centre & Library and Erin Mills Town Centre are two local attractions that cater to families.

The convenience of Erin Mills contributes to its popularity and cost of living in Mississauga. This area is home to the well-liked Erin Mills Town Centre, which features close to 200 dining and shopping options. The South Erin Mills/Erindale intersection is the location of the Mississauga Campus of the University of Toronto, making it a convenient location. Credit Valley Hospital is another facility located in the neighborhood.

Explore Erin Mills’ lovely outdoor areas if you’re looking for a pleasant activity to do there. Only a handful of the neighborhood hotspots are Sawmill Creek, Thorncrest, and South Common Parks. The Glen Erin Trail is a favorite among bikers and riders. Parents are extremely satisfied with the local selection of schools and moving services. Among others, it has John Fraser Secondary School, Thomas Street Middle School, and Castle Bridge Public School.

Families who must commute to work frequently choose this neighborhood’s central location because of its easy access to Highway 403. A variety of residences are available in Erin Mills, including detached homes, townhouses, and condo units.

5. Sheridan


Wide lots, calm streets, and a mix of neighbors, including young families and the elderly, make Sheridan a popular neighborhood for many families. There are shops, dining options, and quick access to Highway 403/the QEW among the local amenities. Thornlodge Park and Springbank Meadows Park are two notable parks and walking paths close by according to the movers in Mississauga.

6. Port Credit

Port Credit

In Mississauga, Port Credit is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods. One of the main causes of it is the wonderful variety of dwellings there, which includes both traditional homes and numerous modern options. Of course, there is much more to the neighborhood, such as magnificent parks, first-rate leisure, and exciting amenities. The colorful stores, eateries, and services along Lakeshore are perfect for a day out on the town. Those who celebrate Canada Day can even attend a parade! Snug Harbour and Post Italbar are two popular places to eat, and the Port Credit Go Station makes commuting simple.

Another big lure to the keen observation of the moving companies is the presence of reputable neighborhood schools like Port Credit Public School and Forest Avenue Elementary, as well as lovely parks like J.C. Saddington Park and Port Credit Memorial Park, which are situated next to the recently renovated Port Credit Library (with its scenic lake views and picnic areas).

Port Credit, also referred to as Mississauga’s waterfront town is a historical district situated on the shores of Lake Ontario. Homes in Port Credit come in a variety of styles and require special moving services, from quaint detached residences that resemble cottages to modern condo complexes.

Beautiful harbor vistas, beaches, and attractions like J.C. Saddington Park and Kenollie Public School, one of the best schools in the city, are all found in the region. With the Port Credit GO Station nearby, this neighborhood is great for families who want to be close to downtown Toronto but still enjoy a village-like atmosphere.

7. Lorne Park

Lorne Park

One of Mississauga’s most upscale neighborhoods, Lorne Park is home to affluent homes on large lots of land. Although the average home price in this area is more than average, it also comes with the promise of tree-lined streets, close access to the lake, and top-notch schools like Lorne Park Secondary School. The homes in this neighborhood range from ancient bungalows on expansive lots to detached homes that were specially built.

The best movers claim that Mississauga’s oldest and wealthiest neighborhood is Lorne Park. Beautiful luxury homes can be seen throughout this lovely neighborhood, which also features mature tree-lined avenues. You can find some of the top schools for your children right here (including White Oaks and Lorne Park Public Schools, the latter of which is ranked as one of the best in Ontario).

Along Lorne Park Road, there is a bustling strip. Retail establishments (such as jewelry and flower stores) and restaurants are examples of local enterprises (such as Orange Fish Sushi House). For those who like to play the links, the Mississauga Golf and Country Club is located in the area. Last but not least, Richard’s Memorial Park is a sizable, gorgeous green park that runs along the coastline in South Lorne Park.

If you’re planning to relocate to the city, the pleasant neighborhood is one of the key draws, according to movers in Mississauga.