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Importance Of Proper Packing: 6 Tips & Tricks From Brampton’s Leading Movers 


It is time to focus strictly on the packing bit because once you get this right, it is going to take all your anxiety away. We already know that moving from one city to another is challenging. Needless to say, even if you’re moving within Brampton, it is not going to be an easy task. You still have to pack every single thing you own and move it to your new location all the while ensuring that nothing gets damaged and that you stay within your budget. 

This is going to be intimidating. The change in environment, the neighborhood’s new faces, and the new building rules are all going to completely change your way of life. The least you should do is make this move easier for everybody in your family so that you do not start a new life on a bad note. Let’s talk about a few yet very important packing tips and tricks from the leading Brampton movers that you are going to thank us for later:

1. Make A List Of The Items You Don’t Need

The leading moving companies in Brampton often talk about narrowing down the cargo list. This reduces the moving cost enormously for you. Let’s just say that you have created a list of all the furniture pieces that you want to get rid of. It is time to separate them and store them in a different room. The pieces that can be sold off in a garage sale after minor repairs should be repaired on time. 

The rest can either be donated or probably recycled in an eco-friendly manner. This is going to reduce the number of items that you have to take to your new house significantly and the moving process is also going to become very short and smooth. Needless to mention, the number of moving boxes and the packing supplies that you have to invest in will also decrease significantly.

2. Invest In Heavy-Duty Moving Boxes

Now let’s move on to buying a few moving boxes for your different belongings. If you have any delicate items or decor pieces, regular moving boxes and containers will be enough for them. However, if you want to carry any expensive items that are semi-durable or probably have any glass or breakable components, you might need heavy-duty moving boxes that have double the strength. You can find them in your local hardware store. Remember to go for plastic containers as well because they are a lot more durable as compared to cardboard boxes.

3. Do Not Skimp On Making Labels

Without the right labels, your moving boxes are going to be incomplete as per the leading movers and packers in Brampton. It is not practical to even imagine moving to your new house without labeling them. 

● The labels have to be large and preferably with a clean white base

● The permanent marker you are going to use must be dark blue or black 

● Do not make any mistakes while labeling your boxes

● Write down the name of the room that the box belongs to and then make a list of all the items that it contains

● You can also invest in different colors of markers and labels for different rooms so that color-coding becomes easier

For example, the red marker could be for the items that need to be opened up right after you have moved into your new house. These could contain your prescription medication, toiletries, paperwork, insurance, and similar items. The blue marker could be for items that are perishable and would go into the refrigerator instantly.

4. Load Your Electronics Separately

This packing tip is specifically for your electronic items which may be for your personal use or home office. The trick is to pack them in heavy-duty moving boxes separately and store them in your personal vehicle only. If you can find the original delivery boxes that those gadgets or electronics were delivered in, that is going to be even better because they usually have the padding material that came from the manufacturer inside them. So you just have to insert the gadget inside the box and not worry about their safety at all. But if you cannot locate those boxes, it is important to invest in:

● Size-appropriate moving boxes

● Styrofoam peanuts

● Cotton balls

● Wrapping paper

● Packing tape

● Bubble wrap

● Paper towels

● Trash bags

You can also use old pillowcases and bed sheets as padding material to protect these electronic items.

5. Learn How To Dismantle Your Heavy Furniture

It is not going to be possible to transport your heavy furniture pieces without understanding how to dismantle them. This is the only way to pack them neatly and without risking any damage. Your sofas, chairs, tables, recliners, cabinets, and computer desks can be dismantled and stored in several moving boxes. All their screws, nuts, bolts, springs, wires, and other attachments and hinges should be stored in individual packets preferably transparent, and must be stored in the corresponding boxes only. This is the only way to pack your bulky and heavy furniture pieces and their components without breaking or damaging them in transit.

6. Create An Essentials Box

This is a very critical packing tip and all the leading movers and packers in Brampton will advise you to create an essentials box. The items that can go inside this will comprise:

● First aid kit 

● Prescription meditation 

● Change of clothes for your children 

● Baby products 

● Lease documents 

● Banking documents 

● Insurance papers 

● Drivers licence 

● Emergency kit 

● Toiletries such as soap, sanitizers, toothbrush, and toothpaste 

● A pair of slippers for everybody 

● Nightwear

● Data cables 

● Charging bricks 

● Power banks 

● Sunglasses 

● Sunscreen

It is important to remember that packing your stuff and creating moving boxes is the first step to a successful move. You cannot take it lightly. You cannot delay the process either. What you choose to transfer to your new property is also going to dictate the size of the moving vehicle that you require on the moving day. If you have chosen any movers and packers in Brampton, they would need to know in advance how much cargo you want to move to your new house. So, make sure to follow these tips when moving and you’ll be just fine.