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How To Prepare Your Belongings For Storage?


You could need a storage option for any reason. Perhaps there is a need for it because your new house is not ready yet. You are thinking about moving in with bare essentials for the time being and storing a considerable amount of your luggage in a practical and easily accessible storage space. Maybe you need to get rid of a few furniture pieces that are already taking up space in your new house. In that case, you will need moving and storage options in Toronto that are easily available and affordable as well.

In all this turmoil, have you completely forgotten to prepare your items for storage? You have been busy looking for a dependable Vancouver movers and storage provider but you forgot to invest in the right packing supplies and protective as well as padding gear for your expensive and precious items.

Regardless of whether the moving and storage Toronto company offers you a weatherproof and very solid storage space or not, as a house owner, it is your prerogative to make sure that none of your items are in harm’s way or get damaged by any pests or other elements.

Let’s help you prep your belongings for any kind of storage solution that you want to choose for them whether it is for short-term or long-term.

Always Begin By Investing In The Right Boxes

This goes without saying. Whether it is your clothes, fashion accessories, expensive furniture items, or your kids’ soft toys, you have to invest in the right moving boxes and containers.

  • They should be of the appropriate size and always of the most desired thickness.
  • All your containers should be durable and you can look for the double-lined variety which is not only weatherproof but also more stable.
  • Make sure to label the box boxes and containers as well and for that, you will have to buy a set of bright and easily visible permanent markers.
  • You can scribble outside the name of every item that is contained in those boxes. This way you do not lose any of your belongings while you are moving house.

Preparing Your Furniture Items

  1. Preparing Your Furniture Items

Preparing your furniture items for the move is very critical. The majority of the pieces that you own are not for the time being. You obviously intend to use them for at least the coming 4 or 5 years. Therefore, it is important to invest in enough bubble wrap and waterproof packing paper for these pieces. You will also have to vacuum all the seats and covers including every piece of upholstery that is fixed on these furniture pieces. Make sure to clean the hard surfaces with a solution of mild soap and water.

Dissembling all your large furniture pieces is also a very intelligent move. This way your bolts, hinges, panels, drawers, compartments, and every detachable component can be moved to a solid and suitable moving box/container. Make sure to stuff those boxes with enough bubble wrap and styrofoam balls to prevent the components from rattling and breaking.

Caring For Your Electronic Appliances

Your electronic appliances are always going to go in the large boxes that are easily available at your local hardware store. They are relatively safer to transport to the space provided by the moving and storage companies because they are very durable. For example, your washing machine, dishwashers, and air conditioners are heavy and solidly built. However, they still need to be kept away from any dust and moisture.

  • The first thing that you should do is clean out every compartment and detachable component of these appliances and store them in separate boxes.
  • If there is a part that has a critical moving component, make sure to store it in a different box with enough padding to protect it from any kind of potential damage or breakage.
  • You need a few materials such as bed sheets, bubble wraps, and nylon ropes to protect them from any water damage.
  • Make sure to tie them up tightly after covering them up completely.

Protecting Your Electronic Devices

Your electronic devices comprise your computers, fax machines, printers, extra monitors, keyboards, mice, power banks, extra smartphones, tablets, and other frequently used electronic items. Most of these can find a spot in their original boxes in which they were delivered when you purchased them from the store. You can store your items in these boxes and stuff in a little bit of crumbled packing paper, foam balls, and packing peanuts. In the end, remember to seal the boxes tightly. This gives them enough stability and protection from any kind of damage including from water and pests.

Choosing Appropriate Containers For Your Clothes

Your clothes need protection too and it makes it very important for you to invest in the right hangers so that they stay wrinkle-free. The best possible protection from dust and dampness is again a long sheet of waterproof wrapping paper that can be wrapped around your stacked clothing. Naphthalene balls are also a great investment. Just open a few of those balls and drop them in the box. Another very practical option is to go for airtight seal bags for your clothes. It is very easy to neatly stack your clothes in these bags. The trick here is to apply enough weight or pressure on these bags so that all the air can be chased out contracting them in size significantly. When you seal them shut, nothing gets out or in.

Can You Store Your Mattresses?

It is very much possible to store your mattresses as well with any of the leading Vancouver movers and storage providers. Before you pack your mattresses, make sure to place them under direct sunlight for a few hours. You can also vacuum them to remove any dust and allergens before you move them to the storage space. Cover your mattresses in plastic wrap and tie them up nicely.

Stacking Your Books For Storage

Your books can find space in a solid container or square box. You can also take them to a Conservator so that they can be cleaned up nicely. This helps you restore the original colour and texture of your books. It is also important to keep your books close to a dehumidifier for at least 4 to 5 hours before you pack them in a container.

Like pointed out above, it is not a matter of whether the moving and storage Toronto professional has come up with a durable space or not. As the owner, it is your responsibility to do whatever you can in your power to protect your items from any harmful elements at all. You should not have to keep on going back to those storage spaces and recall whether the roof was porous or the door was properly locked or not. Preparing your belongings responsibly and intelligently is the best approach to take. Happy moving!