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Finding the Best Moving Services in Canada


It can be very stressful to locate a dependable packers and movers company in Canada. If you are doing this on your own and have nobody to help you out, your only practical option is to look for references on the internet or go through reviews and testimonials on social media. It always works out best for you if you have somebody in your neighborhood or someone among your friends who has moved house before and can give you a few referrals. But if that doesn’t happen, you do not have to feel discouraged at all. The following list is going to help you out. Let’s have a look:

Tips For Finding Movers Services In Canada

Online Reviews, Obviously

As pointed out above, you will have to go through the online reviews and testimonials that are listed on their official website and also their various social media channels. Look for the keywords that are more relevant to you. For example, “on-time delivery”, “property damage”, “insurance”, “quality services”, “hidden fees and charges”, and the like should be your focus. Usually, these websites and most social media platforms do have that functionality where they allow you to search for a particular term or phrase. Read through the complete review to get to the query that you are looking for an answer to. Make sure to check all the social media platforms of the moving company before you come to this decision.

Go Through The List Of Services They Provide

Now there are a lot of moving services in Canada but not all of them are going to give you a complete package. Some of the moving companies will offer nearly all the services while others will offer just a few. So the final cost that you have to pay should justify the number of services that you are getting in return. For example, dissembling and reassembling your drawers, cabinets, and cupboards is ideally a part of the entire packing and moving process. If the movers and packers are asking for additional money for this service, it is better not to engage with them. Also, loading and unloading cargo to and from the moving truck and your new house should be included in the list of common services at no extra cost. If it is not, the cost should be nominal and not anything you cannot afford.

Professional Accreditation Is A Must

We often tend to forget about asking the professional movers what professional accreditation they have. They are required to have the necessary permissions, licenses, and certifications to function as a moving service provider in Canada. If they cannot produce their certifications or if they do not have them on display in their physical office, it is not a good idea to associate with them at all. Other than this, these professionals also receive some appreciation or a certificate of recognition from various commercial entities and industrial leaders for the work they have done over the years. If they are not able to produce those either, it is not smart to fall for their tall claims.

Storage And Insurance Options At Their Fingertips

Most of the moving companies functioning across the country are well-connected in their industry. They also have insurance partners and storage providers ready to associate with families and individuals like you. At times, it is not even required of you to look outside their inner circle of insurance/storage providers because they have practically endless options that suit your budget and the kind of cargo that you want to move. They should be able to provide you with the most practical and suitable offers giving you complete coverage and protection for most of your expensive items. You can get 100% coverage or at least 80% to 90% insurance coverage for your sophisticated and expensive appliances and electronic items. You can also expect them to come up with the most practical storage spaces for your luggage in case you need them for your office equipment or expensive gadgets.

Complete And Transparent Breakdown Of Charges

There should be complete clarity about the charges that you have to pay for moving services in Canada. Ask for a complete breakdown of the cost and also the amount that you have to pay upfront or before the services begin. This amount is usually 20% or less. If the packers and movers ask for anything more than that, do not sign on the dotted line. Also, ask about any hidden charges that you might have to pay at a later stage. The cost of the fuel, vehicle maintenance, driver retainer, packing materials, loading, and unloading, and all other necessary expenses should be included in the final quote.

Now let’s come to a few questions that you must always ask the moving services provider in Canada

  • Are you a licensed company?
  • Can you present a record of your insurance?
  • How long have you been in this business?
  • Do you have any verified references?
  • Do you offer any protection or insurance through any of your connections?
  • How soon should we book your services?
  • Can you provide an estimate in writing?

Also, you must make sure what kind of moving company is right for you. This going to be the foundation of your final decision.

  • Professional Movers

Professional movers are your very own familiar packers and movers services in the city. They handle everything. Right from helping you dismantle your furniture pieces to moving them to the vehicle and to unloading and reassembling the same in your new house, they take care of everything.

  • Containers

When you talk about containers, you have to manage the packing and loading of your cargo. They just have to ship that cargo to your new location. It’s somewhere in the middle of the road and it’s easy to say that you bear half the cost of the entire process.

  • Moving Truck Rentals

If you are very worried about the cost and have budgetary constraints, you can go with a moving truck rental. You have to do everything right from packing and unpacking to loading and unloading. They are just going to provide you with a vehicle.

And In The End, A Few Red Flags That You Should Always Watch Out For

  • Make sure that the estimate is exact and it lays down every expense in detail
  • If the company is asking for a big deposit, do not make that under any circumstances
  • In case you are not able to locate the physical address of the company, do not go through with the arrangement
  • If they are not able to answer any of the questions mentioned above, do not move forward
  • Always use a different moving services provider if the moving company of your choice shows up in a rented moving van
  • And finally, do not say yes to them if they do not have their own packing and moving equipment

Rest, you are pretty much covered. Happy moving!