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Efficient Unpacking: 7 Organizational Tips For A Smooth Move-In

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This was the last box. The unloading is complete, finally! You are all set to move into your new house and start a new life. Are you feeling excited? Are you feeling nervous? It is going to be a mix of both but more than that, you are feeling confused. You don’t remember anymore which moving box contains what. Apparently, the markers that you had used faded a little bit and it is very difficult for you to figure out which boxes contain the items that need to be opened first. But thankfully, you color-coded them and a bit of the writing is still visible. So you will manage that bit.

But Do You Have A System To Unpack All Your Moving Boxes? 

Should You Open The Necessities Box First? 

Will It Be A Good Idea To Open The Children’s Box First And Set Up The Crib Before Anything Else?

Yes, that’s the confusion we were talking about. Let’s get you a system. Let’s get you organized so that you can unpack your cargo efficiently and without stressing anymore about it.

1. You Need An Unpacking System 

According to the leading long distance movers in the city, you should always follow a system of unpacking your boxes. You must carry a list of all your inventory with you at all times. It will be easier for you to keep track of all your belongings if you have that list. You can match the names of the items on the list with the boxes that contain them. Also, it will allow you to segregate boxes according to the rooms that they are supposed to go in. 

For example, when you have identified the boxes of your children, you can separate them from the rest of the stuff easily. Upon identifying the boxes that belong to the kitchen, you can keep them close to the kitchen door so that you are able to set them up first thing after you have moved in.

2. Begin With The Necessities Box

It was a great idea to have come up with a necessities box. Your local movers were intelligent enough to put that box on the newly bought dining table. Now you have access to this container and you can start making your house feel more like a home. Your essential items can include your:

  • Basic toiletries 
  • Medication for everyone 
  • Important paperwork related to property 
  • Bank statements 
  • Invoices
  • Laptops
  • Phone and computer chargers 
  • Some food preparation items 
  • First aid kit 
  • Small tools for repair and maintenance

Once you have your necessity box opened up, your life starts making sense all over again. Be thankful to the moving company for this little thoughtful gesture.

3. Set Up Your Kitchen First

Do not send the moving company professionals away yet. Ask them to stay around for a while and help you set up your kitchen first. Do not be surprised because this is one of the responsibilities they are required and expected to fullfill. That’s right. Your moving services provider is more than equipped and skilled to help you set up your house but first, your kitchen. They can assist you with all your heavy kitchen appliances and set them up nicely so that they are functional within no time.

The moving professionals are also going to help you test your gas connection and organize the kitchen neatly in addition to checking all the wires, cables, electricity connections, kitchen cupboards, cabinets, switchboards, and many other things so that you can start your life sooner in your new house. Once you get your evening cup of coffee inside of you, everything is going to be fine.

4. Your Bedrooms Are Next

Your bedrooms should be your next priority. Your packers and movers can help you with this. But before that, make sure that you have set up your children’s room. Remember, it is easier for you guys to put a mattress on the floor and spend the night in the living room initially. However, your children are going to need a little more comfort and convenience as compared to you. So remember to empty all your children’s boxes and set up their room before anything else. Once you have them all cleaned up and fed, you can tuck them in and go about the rest of your business in peace.

5. Make At Least One Bathroom Functional

You do not have to make every bathroom functional at least for the time being. Focus on one large bathroom and set up all your cleaning supplies, soaps, dispensers, hand wash, face wash, shampoos, and sanitizers.

Bring in all the toiletries that you are going to need for at least two or three days at the start. Once you get used to the new house, open up the rest of the bathrooms gradually and start setting them up just as you would want. You can also install shelves and organize the bathroom cabinet based on the items that you will be needing more frequently.

6. Delay The Difficult Furniture Pieces

The difficult-to-handle and complicated furniture pieces can be delayed for now. You can either ask the long distance movers to help you reassemble them the moment you enter your new house or you can postpone it for the time being. This depends entirely on how skilled you are with reassembling complex furniture pieces. If the moving company professionals insist on doing it for you on the first day, it is better to let them do the needful. This will help you do away with a lot of effort and hard work. You will be able to focus on setting up your kitchen and bathroom more easily.

7. Check Your Utilities

Once you are done setting up your furniture pieces and starting your kitchen with the help of the moving services provider, it is best to check whether your utilities have been activated or not. These will comprise:

  • Gas connection 
  • Electricity 
  • Water connection 
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Newspapers 
  • Garbage removal 
  • Milk delivery
  • Telephone and cable service

A Few Extra Tips That Can Help You Move Into Your New Home Faster

● Come Up With A Plan For Each Room Before You Unpack 
● Don’t Delay Lining Cabinet Shelves 
● Remember To Install Closet Organizers
● Hang Pictures Of Your Favorite Vacations And Family Members

Now, the burden must seem a lot lighter. It must also appear a lot more sensible and practical. These tips were to give you more clarity when it comes to unpacking your moving boxes and cargo as you move into your new house. Whenever you feel confused or overwhelmed by the situation, just refer to this blog and you will be sorted in no time.