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Best Long-Distance Moving Companies in Toronto


Moving may be an exciting and challenging experience, especially if it means traveling a long way. Having a reliable long-distance moving companies Toronto on your side is crucial whether you’re moving across the country or inside a single province. There are numerous choices for long-distance moving services available in Toronto, one of the largest cities in Canada.

To assist you in making an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the best long-distance moving companies in Toronto, each with its specialties and benefits. You may select the best moving partner for your upcoming long-distance move with the aid of this comprehensive guide.

1. Toronto Movers

Toronto Movers have honed their long-distance moving methods after years of experience in the industry. They understand the difficulties of transferring your belongings across long distances.

  • Toronto Movers provides individualized moving solutions since they recognize that no two long-distance moves are the same. They work closely with you to meet your specific requirements.
  • There won’t be any unexpected or hidden costs when working with Toronto Movers. 
  • They guarantee that you are aware of exactly what to anticipate by providing clear prices.

2. Phillips Moving & Storage

Phillips Moving & Storage offers a wide range of services, including packing, moving, and storage. They are your one-stop shop for hassle-free long-distance relocation.

  • Their packing crew’s skill ensures that your items are packed safely for the journey.
  • The likelihood of damage occurring during transit is close to impossible.
  • Should your long-distance move require temporary storage, Phillips Moving & Storage offers climate-controlled storage facilities to protect your belongings.

3. CBD Movers

CBD Movers is known for her dependability and punctuality. They will ease your transition to your new site by realizing the significance of on-time deliveries for long-distance migrations.

  • If you care about the environment, CBD Movers is dedicated to employing eco-friendly moving methods. 
  • They use sustainable products and procedures to reduce the environmental impact of your move.
  •  Their long-distance moving services take care of everything from loading and packing to transporting and unloading to provide the smoothest move possible.

4. High-Level Movers

High-Level Movers employ personnel with training and expertise who are aware of the nuances of long-distance moves. They go above and above to safeguard your possessions.

  • By offering competitive rates, they save the cost of long-distance relocation without compromising quality.
  • During the relocation process, elite movers prioritize the wants and requirements of their customers, making every effort to meet and exceed those needs.

5. Tippet-Richardson

Tippet-Richardson’s proficiency with cross-border migrations makes it the ideal choice for Packers and moves between Canada and the US.

  • They have a modern, well-maintained fleet of automobiles and trucks to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your goods.
  • Happy customers’ testimonials speak to Tippet-Richardson’s solid track record of offering long-distance moving services of the highest standard.

6. Let’s Get Moving

Let’s Get Moving guarantees timely delivery of your possessions. They understand the importance of a carefully thought-out long-distance move.

  • Thanks to competitive pricing, you can get excellent service without going over budget.
  • They offer packing, loading, unloading, and transportation, making your long-distance move easier.

7. Two Men and a Truck

Due to its statewide network, Two Men and a Truck is an excellent choice for long-distance relocation inside Canada.

  • They have a knowledgeable crew that is committed to ensuring the security of your belongings during the protracted journey.
  • Two Men and a Truck provides free in-home quotes so you can plan your budget.

8. Augusta Movers

Augusta Movers offers thorough inventory management to assist you in keeping track of your possessions and reduce the possibility of damage or loss during long-distance relocation.

  • They provide excellent customer service, answering your questions and concerns right away.
  • Their staff is skilled in packing to maximize the security and safety of your possessions.

9. Hills Moving

Hills Moving specializes in long-distance moves and is knowledgeable about the unique challenges they pose. They have the know-how to handle your move effectively.

  • They offer reasonable relocation solutions without compromising the quality of the work. 
  • Moving on a tight budget is achievable with Hills Moving.
  • By keeping the lines of communication open, Hills Moving keeps you informed at every turn of the process.

10. Tender Touch Moving & Storage

Tender Touch Moving & Storage Toronto offers climate-controlled storage facilities for when short-term storage is required for a long-distance move.

  • You may rest easy knowing that your possessions are protected because they have both of these documents.
  • They eliminate any chance of unpleasant surprises with their transparent and upfront pricing.


In conclusion, these are packing service Toronto, each offering a unique set of advantages to satisfy your needs. Whether you’re looking for a company that offers extensive services, reasonable costs, eco-friendly operations, or experience, you can discover one on our list. 

With their assistance, you can guarantee a seamless, stress-free long-distance transfer. Choosing Toronto’s top long-distance moving company will make your move go more smoothly. A simple and efficient move is just a phone call away from your trustworthy relocation partner.