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12 Essential Packing Supplies For A Successful Move In Vancouver 


One of the most interesting tasks that make up for a typical house move is the packing bit. It can be very absorbing and entertaining as well. Just shopping for the right packing supplies can be a lot of fun and make the entire move a lot more exciting. It doesn’t matter whether you are going for any professional movers and packers in Vancouver or not, you might want to know a little bit more than you already do about a few packing supplies.

If you want to make your own moving boxes and stack them up in your vehicle efficiently, you should be aware of these items already. And if you are not, just go through this blog and that will be it.

1. Cardboard Boxes

One of the most common items that even the most reputable moving and storage companies in Vancouver always travel with are cardboard boxes of all sizes. These come in a variety of shapes and dimensions. They are ideal for your glass items and particularly your expensive and delicate decor pieces as well. Shopping for cardboard boxes and containers is going to be a lot of fun. Also, if you have any delivery boxes in your store room or garage, you can use them as well. Just make sure that they are durable and not torn or worn out.

2. Box Cutter

You will also need box cutters. These are very practical because when you need to clear the edges of a box or perhaps make a small entry or hole into the lid of a container, box cutters prove to be highly useful. And remember, these are not only ideal for cutting cardboard boxes but also several other items such as bubble wraps, wrapping paper, stretchable cords, stems of the plants that you want to transfer to your new home, and a lot more.

3. Packing Tape

You will have to invest in at least two rolls of packing tape. You should make this choice depending on the number of boxes and containers that you want to carry. Also, there is a standard packing tape and a high quality and very durable industrial grade packing tape as well. The quality and strength of the adhesive are very different in both these items. So if you want to store your expensive electronic gadgets in some of the boxes, the industrial grade packing tape will be very helpful. For items that are of daily use or perhaps light in weight, you can choose the regular packing tape.

4. Labels

Labels are very important. They come with a matte finish on one side and the other side is completely covered in adhesive. Make sure that the labels are light in color and waterproof as well. You do not wish the label to come off easily from the moving box if it comes in contact with moisture, humidity, or water from an unexpected spill. It is also a good idea to invest in large-size labels only because they are easier to read even from a distance.

5. Permanent Markers

You should go for at least four colors when it comes to choosing permanent markers as suggested by the leading furniture movers in Vancouver. The colors can be red, blue, green, and black. You can assign different colors to different rooms or perhaps items of different durabilities.

For example, the red markers could be used for delicate items while the black markers can be used for heavy-duty equipment or durable machinery. The blue markers can be used for items that are perishable and contain a significant water content. The green markers can be used to denote clothing items or other lightweight yet durable belongings.

6. Stretch Wrap

These are very useful and practically available at any general store in your neighborhood. They are ideal for preserving food items and also securing boxes and containers once you are done packing them. If you are carrying any jewelry items or similar breakable accessories, stretch wraps prove to be highly functional.

7. Standard Toolkit

A standard tool kit is going to contain a 16-ounce hammer, a multi-faced screwdriver, putty, a utility knife, a lightweight handheld drill, a measuring tape, pliers, a wrench, hooks, screws, nails, and a tiny saw. Make sure that the standard toolkit is not that heavy. Some of these tools can be easily found in any regular household. The rest can be bought from a local hardware store.

8. A Pair Of Scissors

The one thing that you should not forget to add to the mix is a dependable and very strong pair of scissors. These are ideal when you want to cut a few items such as your packing paper, bubble wrap, and wrapping tape according to precise measurements. Also sharpened and well-maintained scissors help you avoid any injuries, cuts, and bruises as well.

9. Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are also a great way to pack your belongings. Some of the most reputable small movers in Vancouver always carry plastic bags with them because they are easy to use and can be re-purposed in many ways. You can store your perishable items in them very easily. These can also be used to pack and store your seasonal clothing that you might not be using for a few months at least.

10. Trash Bags

Trash bags are also very durable and lightweight. They are perfect for your pillows, bed sheets, blankets, and all the wearable items that you can just toss into the vehicle without thinking twice.

11. Floor Protector

If you have large furniture pieces in your home, it is better to invest in a floor protector or a padded runner for certain areas of your property. This is going to make sure that no items that fall on the ground get damaged. Also, when you are taking out your sofas, tables, and cabinets, nothing is going to get scratched or broken.

12. Mattress Covers

According to several packers and movers in Vancouver, mattress covers are very important. Make sure that these covers are waterproof and airtight as well. In case of any accidental spillage, this will make sure that nothing happens to your mattresses and that your first night in your new home is as warm and comfortable as it should be. In addition to these items, make sure to invest in stretchable cords, blankets, and hand carts or dollies. These will help you move all your furniture pieces and heavy items out of your property efficiently.

This information is going to make it very much easier for you to move house. Now, the moving company in Vancouver that you have chosen might already be loaded with the majority of these packing supplies. This means that you might not have to buy any of these items. But regardless of that, knowing how to use these items to make and maintain your moving boxes is pretty useful. Happy moving!